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Measurement and Evaluation Application and Research Center

Aim and Scope


The aim of the center;


To carry out studies to increase the quality of the measurement and evaluation applications carried out in the university; to provide research, education, examination and consultancy services in line with the demands of public and private institutions, especially the units in the University.


Our center operates in the following areas:

  • To develop and adapt measurement instruments used for educational, teaching, selection, classification, placement, research, consultation and guidance, development of teaching and similar purposes in line with the demands of universities and national and international public and private institutions,
  • To provide consultancy services or data analysis in line with the demands of the university in the scope of various researches such as academic and administrative staff satisfaction and university publication tendencies,
  • To carry out measurement and evaluation studies in universities, various public and private institutions; to provide consultancy services in order to increase the quality of measurement and evaluation studies,
  • To organize scientific meetings such as congresses, workshops and symposiums related with measurement and evaluation, conduct research projects, write books, brochures, magazines and similar publications by cooperating with national and international institutions and organizations,
  • To conduct research and development (R&D) studies in the field of measurement and evaluation.
  • To carry out national or international collaborations / projects.